It’s just beyond me how someone can utter things like…

And then qualifies to be president of the most industrialized nation on earth; leader of the biggest economy in the world, and guardian of the most intellectual population there is anywhere on earth??!!


What if we fill that vacuum with one POSITIVE solution for humanity, one solution at a time?

As world leaders turn against the people they are supposed to lead, I ask ALL global citizens: what if we empowered ordinary people to create POSITIVE solutions for humanity, one solution at a time?

I invite ALL global citizens to help me set up an agricultural processing plant that aims to reverse extreme poverty in eastern Uganda. And, if you have any hands-on skills you can offer on a volunteer basis e.g. as a food technologist; an architectural designer, or if you are a retired Business Executive who would like to be our mentor, we have free board and lodging at our office in eastern Uganda.

I dare all media houses that are now labeled as fake news…The New York Times; Washington Post; ABC; CNN; NBC; MSNBC; HuffPost; NY Daily News and others — and ALL global citizens the world over — to help my campaign on Indiegogo raise $1 million for that agricultural processing plant.

The planned agricultural processing plant is only a secondary, market-specific intervention to the work that the UCF, an agriculture social enterprise that was also started up by myself, is already doing to lift the poorest rural households from extreme poverty in eastern Uganda.