The 2016 US election has left many people depressed the world over.   But, rather than fretting over how Trump will ruin the world, what if you spent the Trump years doing the most GOOD in a poor community instead? Talk about taking a Trump hiatus and using it to do something positive instead!

Together as ONE team, let us set ONE goal to meet during the Trump era: to have a well-established ginger processing plant lifting thousands of rural households from chronic poverty in eastern Uganda.

We will provide you with free board and lodging at the place below. All we need from you is to bring us more friends of all races, cultures and nationalities. We have built this project in a remote part of Uganda in only 2 years, with people of all nationalities – Malaysians; Americans; Britons; Chinese…

We are some hardworking guys who, in 2014 going backwards, were practically starving in extreme hunger. We had nothing. No land. No jobs. The same year, we decided this must change. We created a community agriculture project and secured 10 acres of land for this project in 2015—six months later.

Two years later, we have helped hundreds of poor households escape poverty. We have provided three tonnes of ginger rhizomes, along with organic fertilizers & technical training to 286 farmers, and have constructed a warehouse to pool together these farmers’ ginger and market it under a single umbrella.

Why do we need Americans to become family with us? Two reasons.

1). In an African setting, the persistence that has gotten us here—from zero—in a span of 2 years is only matched by the tenacity of Americans. If we can get some forward-looking Americans to spend their Trump hiatus with us, we could take our vision to unfathomable levels by the time the Trump era recedes. What better way to use a Trump hiatus than to create lasting change in a poor community?

2). Could this let Mr. Trump appreciate what Intercultural Cooperation can accomplish? We have built our project in only 2 years, with people from all nationalities – from Malaysians to Americans.

You don’t need to have ANY money, except for your flight. All we need from you is to bring us even more friends of all races, cultures and nationalities—to take one more step on unifying humanity. We only need friends that value intercultural cooperation. We just need YOU. 

At present, we want to set up a ginger processing plant to counter the volatility of prices for fresh ginger; achieve market scale and help our farmers get higher pricesby turning the fresh ginger into value-added products like Ginger Ale. A team of forward-looking minds is all we need to get there.

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